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As a service for us to seek out scholarship offers and colleges for you, there is a cost. We are the Number One agency in the world, but luckily we are one of the most affordable at £1399.


At first this may seem a lot, but with the amount of work that takes place, including create your profile, filming you, helping you through every step of the process, your GPS unit you get to keep and guidance, the help in gaining a scholarship offer that saves you thousands of US dollars on tuition, etc at an American college/university. In sense, you are saving a lot of money rather than just going to a university in the US off your own back and money. In the majority of cases, going to the US can end up being a lot cheaper than going to university in your home country if you gain a scholarship.


In relation to other companies, we not only charge a lower total cost, with some charging up to £2600 up front, but we offer payment plans to spread the cost of our service fee. There are a few companies that are now trying to sell a ‘pay when we get you an offer’ scheme. This is against NCAA regulations and I’m sure they will come down hard on them soon. In theory the players who go through these could end up being ineligible because of the practices of their scholarship agency.


The reason we are able to offer such a good financial package is because we have lower overheads than most and also we don’t bombard you with expensive literature, and other unnecessary items, which adds up over the few years we work with you. We work mainly through email and phone and find this a quick method of getting any messages across, but also it does add costs to the end user. This 'cost cutting' does not deter from the level of service we offer.


Example comparisons of competitors costs;


Sports Recruiting USA : £1399 (Payment Plan available)

Company A: £2495 (up front)

Company B: £2000 (£500 up front, £1500 on promotion)

Company C: £1020 (up front)

Company D: £1500 (up front)

Company E: £2500 (up front)


Some of the other costs to consider, that you may be required to pay for, outside of our service fee which you are responsible for:


-SAT test: $81.

-NCAA or NAIA Eligibility center: $120 (NCAA), $95 (NAIA).

-World Education Service: $100-$150.

-Medical insurance (if not given by the college): Roughly £200-£450.

-US Student Visa (and SEVIS fee): $160 + $200.





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