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If you are interested in the US college route, the first thing is to be assessed to see if you are eligible and suitable to play at any one of the 5 different levels in the US education system. This includes free entry to any of our assessment day presentations/trial days for you or your parents.


For your free evaluation click here.

Assessment Shooting


If we find you suitable to be considered for a scholarship in the US, we will invite you to come to an assessment day (see list of upcoming events) where you will be able to learn more about the route through our pre-assessment activities presentation for students and parents. After this presentation you will take part in a playing assessment where our staff will evaluate your abilities and review whether or not we think you are suitable to join our service.


If we think you are suitable we will advise you/your parents about the level of scholarship and cost of education you might expect if you join our service and formally invite you to join the SPORTS RECRUITING USA program. (To see costs click here).



When you have joined our service we will help you through the whole process of being seen by coaches, preparing you for the states, to getting scholarship offers. As part of your package, we will create a video of you playing using top class equipment, where we come film you playing for your team (if possible) and also invite you to filming events, our December showcase and help you with all the other processes of getting you to the states. We help the student-athlete with their nutrition and fitness so they are prepared physically for their college sport. You will be fully educated on the whole process of being a US college student-athlete from start to finish.


Once you have chosen the college you would like to attend, we help you through the process of gaining your US visa, and then finally, you move out to the states to start your studies and join your new team.


See some of our current clients who are in the US or ready to go out there...

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Take a look at our full information brochure regarding the scholarship opportunities on offer, how we operate, and the costs involved.


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