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The SAT is the benchmark standardized assessment of the critical reading, mathematical reasoning, and writing skills students have developed over time. Each year, more than two million students take the SAT. Nearly every college in America uses the test as a common and objective scale for evaluating a student's college readiness and is needed by anyone looking to go out to the states.


The SAT is offered seven times a year in the United States and six times at international sites. The test:


•Takes three hours and 45 minutes

•Consists of 10 separately timed sections:

oThree sections test critical reading (70 minutes total)

oThree sections test mathematics (70 minutes total)

oThree sections test writing (60 minutes total)

oOne variable (unscored) section tests critical reading, mathematics, or writing (25 minutes total)

•Assesses subject matter learned in high school and problem solving skills in three areas:

oCritical reading



•Includes three kinds of questions:

oMultiple-choice questions

oStudent-produced responses (mathematics only)

oEssay question

•Is machine-scored, except for the essay


Students and parents often ask why it is important to take the SAT. Reasons include:

•All colleges accept the SAT as an objective measurement of students' college readiness.

•Used with GPAs and high school transcripts, SAT scores allow colleges to fairly compare applicants.

•Taking the SAT gives students access to scholarship opportunities.

•Most colleges require an admission test like the SAT.

•The SAT provides students with the most comprehensive performance feedback of any admission test.


The SAT is developed to reflect accepted educational standards. The data show that the material on the SAT and the time allocated to each section are appropriate for the intended test-taking population:

•On average, students answer 50 to 60 percent of questions correctly.

•80 percent finish nearly the entire test.

•Almost all students complete at least 75 percent of the questions.


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