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Do you want to play a sport at an elite level whilst studying for a degree?


Do you want to live in the USA?


Then a sports scholarship at a US college might just be for you...


Playing a sport at a US college/university is a great way of playing at a high level, but at the same time getting a university degree.


A sports scholarship is a financial reward given to a student who a coach would like to come study and play for their university/college. Scholarships can vary depending on the students academic and athletic achievements and abilities.


Your playing AND academic ability determines what level you can play it. For example, if you do not gain over 820 SAT score (reading and maths sections only) you are ineligible to play at the NCAA Division 2 level.


To keep it simple, a scholarship is somewhat like a professional contract in the professional game. They offer you a certain amount of financial rewards, which isn't straight cash, but it is used to pay for tuition, books, housing, etc. They do this because they want you playing for them. In many cases you will get many offers and you choose the most suitable for you.


Depending on your academic and athletic abilities, the amount you receive can vary. Some players can get a 'full ride' which means 100% of their tuition, housing, books, food, etc is taken care of by the university, however, some players may only get a 50% scholarship.  So this needs to be taken into account.


Now onto the fun stuff about playing and studying in the USA;


- You will have the time of your life


- You get to train nearly every day in a professional environment with top class facilities.


- You get to gain an education and in a lot of cases come out with no debt or any need to pay   tuition throughout your stay.


- You get to meet lots of new friends from all over the world. Some of these will be friends for life.


- There is the chance that you could turn pro after college as you leave fitter, stronger, more mature than went you entered the system.


Choose your sport;


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Ice Hockey



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