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Here's what the players, parents and coaches have to say about Sports Recruiting USA.


George Kennett, England (Soccer) Follow on Twitter

"Firstly I would just like to say that the people behind Sports Recruiting USA are genuinely interested as you as a student-athlete, they couldn't do enough for you even when you hadn't signed up. The way I've been dealt with throughout the whole service has been top draw, with constant emails and contact between myself and the team assuring me that I would be getting a scholarship to America. The whole process was smooth, even though there were some bumps along the way I've thoroughly enjoyed working with Sports Recruiting USA. For the signing up price, the amount you get and the attention to detail the team pays to you as an individual is first class. Some companies charge twice as much as Sports Recruiting but I can honestly say that if I were to do this process again I wouldn't choose no other company than yourself. They managed my offers, making it easy for the coaches to get in contact with me, and I was extremely pleased with the amount I received, making it difficult to choose one in the end!


In terms of the video of myself, I was also very happy with that; they filmed me as if I were a professional and the final footage was excellent.


Finally the knowledge of the team, when I would get an offer I'd ask for their opinion on the university and if it was worth taking any further, this made managing the offers much more of a smooth ride, taking off the stress a little! As I've already said I wouldn't have chosen no one except Sports Recruiting USA for my American scholarship journey and I can't wait to start my new life in the states, thank you!"



George Stannard, England (Soccer) Follow on Twitter

"After having a bad experience with another company, I chose to gamble to move to Sports Recruiting USA, but really it was the best decision I could have made and only wish I chose them to start with.


Communication was excellent as I was always kept up to date with what was happening, whether it was to do with offers or giving me advice on which colleges may be best for me.


Their knowledge of what they’re are doing is second to none, which shows by the type of schools they attract."


Harrison Rook, England (Soccer) Follow on Twitter

"Sports Recruiting USA ticked all the boxes for me, such great help and such nice people. As a company they are there with you the whole process to make sure that you have everything done and ready for when the day comes around to make the next step into a new life, which helps massively because some areas are pretty hard to process but they are there for you all the time.


I'm glad I went with Sports Recruiting USA because they are very hands on whereas you have other companies that just pay little attention so this is one of the best things because moving to America is a big deal so knowing you don't have to go alone helps massively."






Mike Collins (parent of Sean Collins) England (Soccer) 

"Sports Recruiting USA are not only good guys. They really do provide high quality service at the right price, working tirelessly for the interests of the student that they are placing at College in the United States".


Pete Hughes (parent of Ryan Hughes) England (Soccer).

"Most of all I feel you are honest and do care about the clients who sign for you and want to do your best to help them on their way. You certainly put in the effort promoting your clients and always keep us informed of progress."