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New Staff: James Dawes joins as Soccer Consultant

We are excited to announce that former College Soccer Player, James Dawes, is joining our staff as a Soccer Consultant in the UK.

James, who was a SRUSA Elite client, has just returned to the UK after spending 4 years in the USA and graduating with a degree.

He spent 2 years in California at Evergreen Valley College, then a further 2 years at Alderson Broaddus University in West Virginia.

Here's what James had to say about joining the team;

"I originally chose SRUSA to help me with my time in the states and from the relationships I made with both staff and fellow clients, I know it's the type of company that I want to work for once I returned.

I also wanted to use my knowledge and past experience to help other talented, highly driven players gain similar opportunities as I know how fantastic the route is."

Here's what Chris Cousins, the Founder of SRUSA said;

"I've known James for a number of years, and from the day he trialed with us, I really got along with him and his family. I've always said, he is the sort of person that embodies what we do as a company and that I'd love for him to be involved one day. Fast forward 5 years since he trialed, that day has come."

We are excited to get working with James and share his enthusiasm for what we do.

To get in touch with James, please email

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