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Are YOU the next player to reach the top of the U.S. College System?

Have you got the talent, desire, and ambition to take your game to the elite level?

Like these guys...


We've helped over 2000 international players to be placed into the U.S. College Soccer system 
since 2010...

Are You Next?

To Apply to see what your options are, please complete the form below...

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Playing and studying at a U.S. University/College has become a popular pathway for players looking to continue their football and studies.

With the levels of players increasing heading out to the USA from all over the world, the U.S. College system has become one of the best level u23 football environments in the world, as it provides the high level football, but the ability to gain a degree for life after football.


A Staff Member will be in touch


You'll be invited to an event

We are also able to assess players via video footage. This will be discussed in our communication with you


You’ll then be presented with several different purposefully designed packages  all of which are designed to get you to your goal…

Playing in the USA!

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