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Play and Live in Spain whilst being Showcased to, and Prepared for, 
U.S. College Soccer

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The Goal
Become a 
College Soccer Player

The SRUSA Academy provides a fantastic platform to experience being a full-time soccer player in Spain, whilst being seen by U.S. College Coaches.

SRUSA is the leading College Soccer recruiting agency, and playing at the academy will provide a year-round mentorship and showcasing opportunity to get to your College Soccer goals.

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10-months in Spain

The SRUSA Academy provides players with the opportunity to live in Spain for 10 months, in one of the most beautiful locations, the Spanish South Coast.


Extensive Games Schedule

You will play a large number of games throughout the year from all different levels. 


Full-Time Training

Our Academy staff are committed to remaining at the forefront of modern-day coaching methods. With countless years of experience and many of the staff having had experience playing/coaching at the pro level, each player can expect to be pushed and tested on a daily basis as we work towards collective and individual goals.

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U.S. College Soccer Marketing

We are the World's Leading U.S. College Soccer marketing service, it's what we do.

When you are the academy, you'll be mentored and marketed to U.S. Colleges


U.S. College Soccer Showcases

We hold a yearly Showcase at the academy where coaches watch our players on a LIVE broadcast or in person. 

See last Showcase


Learn Spanish

All our non-EU players are required to take Spanish lessons for 20 hours per week. 



You'll be provided with top-rated accommodation for your stay in Spain.

You'll be living with fellow Academy players in the town. 

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3 Meals a Day

You'll be provided with 3 nutritious meals a day, at our very own restaurant.

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The vast majority of our games will be live-streamed for you and your families to watch back.

This is also important putting film together for U.S. College Coaches to see.



Our Academy players have access to state-of-the-art football facilities including 2 astroturf fields and a natural grass pitch in Estepona as their Academy base in addition to high quality cross-fit and gym facilities. We also utilise a number of professional facilities along the south coast of Spain which provides players with the ability to experience a multitude of playing environments and experiences. 

"We are excited to bring the World's Leading U.S. College Soccer Recruiting Agency and Europe's Leading Private Soccer Academy together, to provide a one-of-a-kind U.S. College Soccer Prep Academy."


Chris Cousins - SRUSA Founder

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Academy Costs



If already an SRUSA Client

If already an SRUSA Client





Blue to Cream Gradient

Hotel Accommodation
3 Meals a Day
World Class Soccer Program
Full Nike Gear
Showcase Games
Full S&C Program
U.S. College Soccer Mentoring
A Once in a Lifetime Opportunity
Marketing to U.S. College Soccer Teams
College Soccer Recruitment Mentoring


What's included?


Apply for more info now

Once you have filled out the form below you will be contacted by a SRUSA member of staff, you'll be contacted by email with further information.

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