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Former All-American and CACC Defender of the Year, Joe Bell, joins SRUSA as a Scout

SRUSA is excited to announce that former USC All-American & CACC 2019 Defender of the Year, Joe Bell, joins the team as a scout for SRUSA in the the United Kingdom. 

Joe Bell joins the SRUSA team as a scout for the UK after a fantastic collegiate career in the US. Joe was named 2019 All-American Selection, CACC Defender of the Year & First Team All-Region selection in his senior year in the US.

Bell, originally from Epsom, England, continues to play at a high level after his collegiate career with spells at Hampton & Richmond as well as trialing in Scandinavia. Having Joe on the SRUSA team is a massive positive to all athletes due to the massive amount of knowledge and experience he has accumulated throughout his collegiate career. Joe was voted as one of the best defenders in DII Collegiate Men's soccer and will provide a great inspiration for players looking to follow this route. 

Here’s what Joe had to say about his new role at SRUSA: 

What excites you about joining the SRUSA team?

What excites me about joining the SRUSA team is the fact I will be able to work along side people that have the done the same experience as me. After speaking with people that work at the company is has given me confidence and desire to want to help people gain the same experience I had over in the states. 

How was your experience in the US, and what advice would you give to others thinking of going down the College Soccer route? 

My experience in the US was such a great one. It made me in to a better player from training everyday and also I gained my degree in sport management with a minor in human resource management leading me to know that I will have that degree for when my football is no longer and option. Advice I would give to people is to not miss out on an opportunity like this because otherwise you will regret it. 

How do you think your experience as a College Soccer Athlete will help you in your new role as a SRUSA Scout? 

My experience of being a college soccer athlete allows me to understands the process and the steps in what it means to find players that will cherish this experience. It will allow me to guide potential players on the right path and give them help in any questions or queries they may have for the process. I will be able to relate to them on a personal level which helps a lot for this process.

What are your expectations upon joining the SRUSA team? 

My expectations for joining the SRUSA team are that I know I will be working with a good group of people that care about what they are doing. So I expect to enjoy the work and know that there will be people there to help me with anything I need. I have high expectations of the company and know what great work they have already done. This gives me motivation to want to achieve success also with the team.

Welcome to the #SRUSA family Joe. 

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