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Former Northern Ireland Schoolboys & College Soccer Player Dylan O'Kane, joins as a scout.

We are excited to announce that former Northern Ireland School Boys International and Wingate Men’s Soccer Athlete Dylan O’Kane will be joining SRUSA as a scout for Northern Ireland.

O'Kane, formerly of Tiffin and Wingate University will be joining the SRUSA team in Northern Ireland to provide young, aspiring talent with the opportunity to further their academic and athletic careers through the US College Soccer pathway.

Dylan, is another fantastic addition to our growing team in Ireland and Northern Ireland and comes to us after 4 successful years as a student-athlete in the US. As a player, he has competed at the highest level in Northern Ireland as well as the US, and will be looking to utilize his experience and knowledge of the College system to help the next wave of up and coming talent.

Here's what Dylan had to say about joining SRUSA;

What excites you about Joining the SRUSA team?

I am looking forward to giving players the opportunity to experience what I did. Personally I was reluctant to go down the US College Soccer route at first, but now having experienced 4 of the best years of my life I am so glad that I did. I’ve made friends and memories that will last me a lifetime and I'm excited at the prospect of helping others gain the same college experience as I did.

How was your experience in the US, and what advice would you give to others thinking of going down the College Soccer route?

Looking back now at my 4 years in the US, it was definitely a roller coaster journey but one that I wouldn’t change for the world. I’d advise any talented young player considering the US College Soccer pathway, to just go for it. The worst thing you can do is be afraid to take a risk.

How do you think your experience as a College Soccer Athlete will help you in your new role as a SRUSA Scout?

I think that having gone down the route myself, I will be able call upon my personal experience to help players achieve the best experience they possibly can in the US. I also think that many of those who are considering the US pathway, will be thinking the same way that I did when I was 17 prior to going to the States. I hope that by sharing my experiences it’ll give people the nudge they need to step out of their comfort zone and go for it!

What are your expectations upon joining the SRUSA team?

I just hope that I can help as many players as possible engage in a life changing experience. It is a process that will test you in every way possible, but with the guidance of myself and the rest of the SRUSA team, players will be given all of the tools that they need to go on and be succesful.

Welcome to the #SRUSAFamily Dylan.

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