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Leading Strength & Conditioning Coach, Erica Suter, joins SRUSA Advisory board

We are very excited to announce that leading Strength & Conditioning specialist, Erica Suter, has joined our advisory board.

Erica is a former College Soccer player and author of the best-selling book Total Youth Soccer Fitness, which has been sold in over 50 countries.

With a stellar College career behind her, we believe Erica is at the forefront of her industry, and can help our clients for years to come.

SRUSA's Head of Operations, Chris Cousins, said this about Erica joining the advisory board;

“We are over the moon that Erica has agreed to join our advisory board. Strength and Conditioning is such an important part of any soccer players career, so we want the best help for them, and that will come from Erica. Thank you Don Williams, for making this happen. "

For more information on Erica, head over to her website

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