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New Club Consultancy Partner: Evolution Soccer Club

We are very excited to announce our newest partner club is Evolution Soccer Club, who are based in Naperville, Illinois.

Evolution Soccer Club have joined our fantastic Club Consultancy service to help a number of their older age group players to be guided through the college soccer recruitment process.

Kieran Howarth the Executive Director said this about the partnership; "We’re absolutely ecstatic to have agreed this exclusive club consultancy partnership with SRUSA. Having our personal recruitment experts in Danny and Rhys who live in the space 24/7 will be invaluable to our players as they navigate through the ever-changing college recruitment process. Their ability and knowledge to walk our players through each step of the process is phenomenal! Their internal network within SRUSA to make the direct connections with college coaches, both for their needs, as well as our players, will ensure every player finds their perfect fit both academically & athletically. We couldn’t be more excited to provide this program for our players & families. Danny Reynolds, our director of the Club Consultancy service said this;

"I am excited to start this work for the club and help their talented player become more knowledgable about the recruitment process and where they stand in amongst it. I want to provide the club the tools to increase their already fantastic reputation at placing players at the next level. I am happy that Rhys Cannella is aboard with me as more eyes are going to be on Evolution and we are excited to get going! To find out more about our Club Consultancy Service go to To find out more about Evolution Soccer Club go to their website

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