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NEW STAFF: Former College Coach, Rhys Cannella joins SRUSA as a Senior Consultant

We are excited to bring on board Rhys Cannella, as a Senior Consultant.

Rhys is a former College Coach and All-American, and originally comes from England.

Here's what Rhys had to say about joining SRUSA;

"I'm looking forward to joining the SRUSA team because having the chance to place players at universities of their dreams is extremely fulfilling. SRUSA is able to expand the horizons of players beyond what they could've ever imagined and now suddenly players have the whole country as a realistic option of playing college soccer instead of just their city or state. The work that SRUSA is doing is evident from their social media and I look forward to the day my clients get multiple scholarship offers to choose from.”

Welcome to the #SRUSAFamily Rhys.

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