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NEW STAFF: Former College Soccer Player, Duane Ralphs, joins as scout for Utah

We are excited to bring on board former College Player, Duane Ralphs, as a scout for the Utah area.

Here's what Duane had to say about joining SRUSA;

"I am excited to join the staff of SRUSA as a Scout for the State of Utah. I have been involved with the beautiful game for over 45 years in various capacities. My passion for soccer started at a very early age as a player and successfully progressed through high school and college. 

Along the way I learned more and more about the development and psychology of of a player and what drives them to love the game and be successful at a very high level.

Most recently I have been involved as a premier level youth coach and trainer. I am passionate about helping these players on a much larger scale in reaching their dreams of playing in college and beyond while earning their degree. 

SRUSA is the partner that these student athletes can trust to help them accomplish their goals and dreams more effectively than anyone.  

Their extensive industry knowledge, coupled with their vast network of college programs and coaches, makes it the perfect storm for any student athlete looking to progress at the next level. 

This is why I am so proud and excited to be a part of the SRUSA family."

Welcome to the #SRUSAFamily Duane.

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