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NEW STAFF: Former College Soccer Player, Eddie Shaw, joins as scout for Northern Ireland.

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

We are excited to announce that former College Soccer Athlete Eddie Shaw will be joining SRUSA as a scout for Northern Ireland.

Eddie, formerly of East Florida State College and the Chivas Academy, will be joining the ranks to provide young Irish talent with the opportunity to further themselves through the College Soccer system.

A high-quality player himself, Eddie will be looking to identify up and coming talent and provide them with his first hand experience of what the opportunity can offer.

Here's what Eddie had to say about joining SRUSA:

What excites you about Joining the SRUSA team?

"I’m excited to join SRUSA and get going in my new role, as I have worked with SRUSA and know that they are a professional and well established group. I look forward to getting my foot in the door, and starting to help the next best batch of Irish players get to America.”

How do you think your experience as a College Soccer Athlete will help you in your new role as a SRUSA Scout?

“I think my experience as an ex College Soccer Athlete will benefit me in my new role as I know the standards needed to be a top college player. I also have a real passion and desire for the game and I hope to find young, talented players with similar qualities, as these are things that are needed to make it and survive at college level.”

What are your expectations upon joining the SRUSA team?

“My expectations going into my role as a scout is to really push on and excel with SRUSA, and attract the best of the best to the college soccer route by helping players realise they’re full potential. Through the continued placement of high quality players into college programmes in the US, I hope to help grow our existing reputation and secure our place as the number 1 College Recruitment agency around.”

Welcome to the #SRUSAFamily Eddie.

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