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NEW STAFF: SRUSA bring Lucy Jelf on board as a Scout in the United Kingdom

Sports Recruiting USA are excited to announce Lucy Jelf has joined the team as a scout in the United Kingdom. Lucy has a wealth of coaching experience and is looking to help female players with the dream of becoming student athletes in America.

We caught up with Lucy and talked to her about her new role and what she hoped to bring to the SRUSA team.

What excites you about joining the SRUSA team?

I am looking forward to the prospect of being able to help ambitious players take their next step in their footballing journey, being a reliable point of contact for them when they have questions, and being able to see the players playing football to be able to help them find the school which will be the best fit for them.

Having being involved in the women’s and girls game, what are your thoughts on the pathway to America?

It is exciting to see how there is more and more opportunities for players who want to go out to America to play and experience the way of life, there is clear elite opportunities out their which is shown from previous players, who have been out there and either stayed out there or some back and ended up signing professional contracts.

How do you think your experience in the women’s and girls game will help you at your new role at SRUSA?

I believe by my understanding of the women’s and girls game at a variety of different levels, I will be able to help provide the tools for players at different levels and all walks of life, to help them succeed in achieving their dream of going to America.

What are your expectations about joining the SRUSA team?

I am excited about joining such a high profile organisation, who are connected to lots of companies around the world. I am a strong believer of the more you put in, the more you get out of the experience.

Interested in playing soccer and studying in America? Email us on to receive your FREE information pack.

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