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Sports Recruiting USA and Inspire Girls Football Announce Official Partnership

We are proud to announce that we have a new official partnership with Inspire Girls Football as we continue our work to offer the best opportunities for female footballers.

Inspire Girls Football offer so much for players within the women’s and girls game and it is an exciting partnership that gives more and more opportunities to female players. Inspire Girls Football was set up in December 2019 by former student athlete Sophie Hollis who spent two years in America on a scholarship.

SRUSA Head of Women’s Soccer, Jon Maloney had this to say about the partnership.

‘Having spoken with Sophie (Hollis) at length and hearing the desire she has to give opportunities to young female players here in the UK, we were keen to partner with Inspire Girls Football. Throw into the mix that she has been over to America and experienced the student athlete life first-hand, it seemed like the perfect fit. I can’t wait to see partnership develop and look forward to continuing to give female players here in the U.K further opportunities both here and in America.’

Sophie Hollis, Director at Inspire Girls Football commented on the future partnership.

‘‘I am very excited about our new partnership with SRUSA. Football has

made such a positive influence in my life and has opened up a world of

opportunities. I loved every minute of being a student athlete and I would

highly recommend stepping outside of your comfort zone and believing in

your own ability because you never know where it will take you. I have an

unrivalled desire to contribute to the future of female athletes and young

women and I look forward to making that happen by working together with SRUSA.”

If you are interested in finding out more information about the student-athlete route to America or the opportunities for young female players through Inspire Girls Football, you can contact both Jon and Sophie directly on the email addresses below.

Sophie Hollis – Inspire Girls Football

Jon Maloney – SRUSA Head of Women’s Soccer

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