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SRUSA Announce Former Client Lailah Muscat as New Ambassador

We are excited to announce that former SRUSA client Lailah Muscat will be joining the team as a Women's Soccer Ambassador.

Lailah has a fantastic four years in America where she went to Schoolcraft College before transferring to Young Harris University in the NCAA. Lailah is now back in Wales where she is playing with Cardiff City and we are delighted to have her involved.

We will be looking to get Lailah involved in events and will be looking to hold an event in Wales in the very near future. Lailah will be able to pass on her experiences as a student athlete to the next generation.

We recently caught up with Lailah about her time in America and what her new role at SRUSA means to her.

How was your experience in the U.S. and what advice would you give to others who are thinking about this route?

- Moving far from home for university can definitely be daunting but it was hands down the best decision I’ve made. The memories and friends I’ve been lucky enough to make really made my 4 years something I’ll always be grateful for.

What advice would you give potential student athletes from your experience as a student athlete?

- It’s important to be prepared and go into everything with an open mind, living in a different environment away from everything and everyone you know is a big deal, so you should definitely be both mentally and physically ready for anything you’ll experience!

What excites you most about becoming an SRUSA ambassador?

- Being able to look back on my 4 years away and now come back to where it all started for me is quite surreal. So then having the opportunity to help players who’s shoes I was once in is not only really cool, but also a fulfilling role I’m excited to take on!

How was the life experience as a student athlete in America?

- The best word I could use is ‘enlightening’. The things you’ll learn about yourself and what you’re capable of is honestly amazing, and I don’t just mean on the pitch. Also, having the chance to meet and learn from people from all over the world is something I really loved.

How did America prepare you for life post college?

- It made me realise how knowing the right people and making the right connections is just as, if not more important than the things you’ll learn in the classroom. Also, being a student and an athlete implements a certain level of discipline into you which definitely works in your favour after leaving school.

What aspirations do you have as a footballer and away from football now you're back in the U.K?

- Regarding football, I’m happy being back at my home club, Cardiff City Ladies FC, we’ve got a lot of talent within our team and definitely have the potential to make a mark within the women’s game in the English league, so our eyes are on promotion next year! Away from football, I’m currently studying for my master’s in psychology at Cardiff University and hope to make a career within forensic psychology after earning a few more qualifications and gaining the right work experience.

If you are interested in finding out more information about becoming a student athlete in America, you can apply via our website at

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