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SRUSA Dubai U18's launching September 2024

We are thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of SRUSA Dubai, our brand new Dubai-based team, set to begin operations in September 2024, in partnership with IJF Academy. This initiative has been in the works for years, and we are excited to finally bring it to life.

SRUSA Dubai will be the only team in the GCC specifically designed to provide clear pathways for 16–19 year olds, with a focus on guiding talented soccer players towards opportunities in the U.S. College Soccer system. Recognizing the abundance of soccer talent in Dubai and the UAE, we aim to bridge the gap created by geographical distance, which often poses a challenge for recruitment into U.S. colleges.

As the world’s leading College Soccer recruiting agency, SRUSA is committed to leveraging our extensive knowledge and experience to develop, prepare, and showcase players from Dubai, creating pathways not only to the U.S. but also to other soccer hubs around the world, such as Spain and the UK. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive platform that combines high-level soccer training with educational opportunities, ensuring that players can continue their academic journey while pursuing their soccer dreams.

The U.S. College Soccer system is unique in offering high-level soccer paired with a degree, making it an ideal environment for young athletes. It also serves as a feeder system for professional teams, both in the U.S. and internationally. Many clubs around the world recognize the value of U.S. college-trained players, leading to increasing trends of European clubs signing former college players.

SRUSA Dubai will offer numerous benefits, including participation in live-streamed games and showcases, exposure to college coaches, and an opportunity to be part of the SRUSA family. Additionally, players will receive physical and mental preparation for college soccer, participate in the Dubai Youth League, and have access to U.S. College Soccer Coaches Webinars.

We look forward to welcoming new players to our SRUSA Dubai team and are excited to support their soccer and educational journeys over the coming years.

For more information and to express your interest go to or contact

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