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SRUSA launches its own Academy in Spain

We are excited to announce that from Fall 2023, we will be opening up the SRUSA Academy in Spain.

Following many years of successfully bringing players over to Spain who are in high school or in their Gap Year, to spend time with our Spanish partner private soccer academy, we have found that many players, who are interested in the U.S. College Soccer pathway, need in-person help during their stint in Spain.

This is why we are launching the SRUSA Academy Spain...

Players will get all the experience of being a player at our private academy, but with the added help of SRUSA staff on site guiding, marketing and mentoring the players with all things U.S. College Soccer.

Chris Cousins, the Founder of SRUSA said this about the Academy;

"This a project that has been in the works for a number of years. The U.S. College Soccer pathway has always been a popular pathway for players at our Spanish partner academy, and we've always been able to help from a distance. But with staff on site, and a more bespoke service, players who are interested in the College pathway, will have all the help and mentoring on site.

For me, taking a Gap Year, or even just moving to another country (Spain) for a year will not only help your soccer development, but your overall maturity too.

I'm really excited for our first cohort of SRUSA Academy players coming to Spain, and having the best time, whilst making sure their exit pathways are covered."

If you, or you know of someone interested in coming to the SRUSA Academy in Spain, please go to and complete an application form today.

If you have any questions about it, you can also email the team on

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