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SRUSA partners with the National Football Youth League (NFYL)

We are excited to announce that we have officially partnered with the National Football Youth League (NFYL), which has the top male and female clubs outside of the professional system in England.

The exciting partnership allows all NFYL players to gain access to free opportunities to be seen by American College Soccer coaches, which is one of the most popular exit pathways for the league.

The first stage of the partnership, we are running an All-Star Showcase so players from the league (nominated by their managers) can play in front of American College Soccer coaches. This event is taking place on 8th December at FCV International Academy in Leicestershire.

SRUSA Founder and Head of Operations said this about the partnership: “Having worked with the league for many years in a number of capacities, we are excited to formally partner with them, and provide many American College Soccer opportunities for players from all the teams in the league. This is not a typical partnership, where we would just go in and present to the teams and thats it. We are putting together fantastic free opportunities for everyone involved, to provide them the exit pathway that is U.S. College Soccer.”

Further announcements will be made on our plans with the league, and we are excited to work with some of the best talent in England.

For further information on the NFYL go to or check them out on social media

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