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SRUSA team up with College Soccer Talent to help College Soccer Players be seen by Pro Scouts/Clubs

We are proud to announce that we have teamed up with the fantastic new social media account, College Soccer Talent, which has launched to help identify talented College Soccer Players across the USA.

Our role is to inform them of any players that we believe that has the ability to step up to the next level.

Chris Cousins, the founder of SRUSA said this about College Soccer Talent;

"I've been following this account since it started and the fantastic work the guys are doing highlighting top College Soccer players, so the outside world can see them, is admirable.

There is a lot of untapped talent in the College Soccer system and some of these players just need an extra few years development, which the USA gives them.

I hope scouts from clubs around the world pay attention as these guys are doing half the work for them.

We look forward to supporting the CST team and helping them get College Soccer players recognised throughout the world."

The College Soccer Talent team said this about teaming up with SRUSA;

"SRUSA are one of the most reputable agencies that help place players into College. Knowing what sort of talent is going into the system, will help us get better information to help promote the talent within the system.

We are overwhelmed by the support the accounts have been having, and we look forward to helping many players in the future to get on the radars of clubs and scouts around the world."

To follow the College Soccer Talent account, please head to

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