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SRUSA to take part in the Las Vegas Mayors Cup

We are excited to announce that we will be entering teams into the Las Vegas Mayors Cup starting with the Feb 2025 edition.

We've had a great relationship with the event for many years, and have run Goalkeeper showcases within the event, so now we thought it was a great idea to put together some teams to take part.

Initially, the teams will be made up of international players and we'll be creating 3 teams:

  • SRUSA UK (Boys)

  • SRUSA UK (Girls)

  • SRUSA Dubai (Boys)

This will be a fantastic way for players to be seen by College Soccer Coaches in person, but also for them to get a feel of America, where ultimately many will end up moving, to take part in the College Soccer system.

The trip we are holding will include, participation in the Las Vegas Mayors Cup, extra exhibition games, tours of Colleges, plus much more.

Roger Tabor, the tournament director of the Las Vegas Mayors Cup said this about working with us:

"We are thrilled that SRUSA has agreed to bring teams to the USA to compete in the Las Vegas Mayors Cup International Showcase, the nation's largest international tournament.

Last year, 935 teams competed in front of 400+ College Coaches and dozens of professional club coaches.

This will be a fantastic opportunity for the players and also visiting College Soccer coaches to review SRUSA's international players in person."

Chris Cousins, the founder and Head of Operations of SRUSA said this:

"We are really excited to finally get this trip finalized. We've been discussing for years to bring a team across to it, and now everything is in place, we are looking forward to our international players from across Europe and Asia to take part.

Thank you to Roger and his team for being so accommodating and working hard to give us the ability to put this trip on".

If you are a SRUSA Client, please speak with your consultant if you are interested in taking part. If you are not a client, you need to be reviewed, so go to and someone from the team will be in touch soon.

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