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SRUSA - What to Expect at a Trial Event and ID Camp.

After our recent women's soccer event that took place at the fantastic facilities at Eastwood Community FC, Isaac Martin talks to you about what to expect from an SRUSA Trial Event and ID Camp.

So, you’ve decided that you want your dream of playing football and studying in America to become a reality. You want to follow the likes of international stars like Rachel Daly, Leah Galton and Lucy Bronze in gaining quality education while rising through the footballing ranks?

Well the first part of this long, hard and sometimes complicated journey is a trial and here’s what to expect:

Step 1:

Upon arrival at your chosen venue, whether it’s your first trial or you’ve been before, sign in will be required. Don’t be afraid to say hello to any familiar faces as before the initial talk and presentation all our staff will be up for a welcome chat.

The opening talk will most likely last around 40 minutes where the staff of SRUSA will be introduced and the schedule for the day will be explained. The presentations at packed with valuable information and a number of videos that give a great insight into the life of a student athlete.

The service that SRUSA offer is also explained with players who have been through the system themselves offering quality advice, including SRUSA ambassador Leah Galton and current students athletes who are in attendance to pass on their experiences about their time in America. Freshman Taylor Scully was at the event in Nottingham to talk about her first year at Central Methodist University.

‘Playertek’ and ‘SR Analysis’ are also explained, two systems which are used to track the progress and work rate of the potential student–athletes.

Step 2:

After the presentation has finished, the players are then taken to the changing rooms where it is explained to them what is expected from them on the field. SRUSA look to make the players as comfortable as possible as there is bound to be some nerves among the players. Everything from the coaches is positive and all they ask is that players go out, give 100% and work hard and the rest will take care of itself.

Parents will get an opportunity to speak to the ‘Parent Advisor’ and get the chance to ask any burning questions that they may have.

Step 3:

Now for the fun part...

The practical element of the day is about to get underway which includes a warm up, technical work and game play. A specific session is always put on for the goalkeepers. UEFA and FA qualified coaches are on hand to put players through their paces and to pass on any help and encouragement they might need. The practical part of the event is always filmed so that signed players (and potential future players) can use that footage for their highlight video which is all part of the SRUSA service.

Step 4:

Once the practical element of the day is over, it is then time to re-hydrate and for the players to be taken through a cool down. It is important that players get into the habit of cooling down correctly as this will reduce the risk of injury moving forwards.

Step 5:

A final debrief then takes place after the session where any final questions (No questions are too basic or stupid) can be asked by both the players and parents. SRUSA staff members are then on hand for as long as they need to be to speak with players and parents individually about any questions they might have.

Head of Women's Soccer Jon Maloney quoted;

'Heading home there is always a buzz about what has just taken place. To see so many talented women footballers enjoying their football is great to see. These events are put on for players and parents to gain as much information on the student athlete route as possible. It is so good to see the women's game developing and we look forward to welcoming new players to the #SRUSAFamily in the near future.'

Want to come to the next SRUSA event? Full details can be found by clicking here.

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