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World Leading Sports Psychologist, Dan Abrahams, joins SRUSA Advisory board

We are very excited to announce the first member of our newly formed Advisory board, one of the World's Leading Sport Psychologists, Dan Abrahams.

Dan joins Sports Recruiting USA to advise us and our clients on all things sport psychology related.

Dan has worked with some of the best soccer players and coaches in the world and he is currently consultant psychologist to Premier League club AFC Bournemouth. Dan's knowledge is on offer for our clients to improve their mental skills…helping them take the next step in their careers.

SRUSA's Head of Operations, Chris Cousins, said this about Dan joining the advisory board;

“Having followed Dan's work for many years, we felt Dan would be the ideal partner to work with us to improve our ability to help our clients on the psychological side of the game.

For Dan to offer join our advisory service is hugely exciting for all involved at SRUSA, including our clients.

He's a great guy, who is obviously very good at what he does, so for him and his work to be readily available to us and our clients, it's yetanother reason why I believe there is no one else offering what we do."

Dan Abrahams, had this to say about joining SRUSA's Advisory Board;

"I’m really excited to be involved with Sports Recruiting USA and to join their advisory board. For young players to become the very best they can be it’s important for them to become fully engaged in the mental side of the game. I’d like to help all SRUSA’s recruits become mentally skilled.”

For more information on Dan, head over to website'll be made soon) and/or head over to Dan's website

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